Family flees Gustav for Chicago suburbs

September 1, 2008 3:09:24 PM PDT
A Louisiana family displaced by Hurricane Gustav is making a temporary home in Chicago's far north suburbs. They traveled from Louisiana to Lake Villa to escape the storm. a local school will welcome two of the family's children Tuesday. At this Lake Villa home, all eyes are on the weather and what Hurricane Gustav does in New Orleans. Chad Davis, his fiancee Andrea Nicolich and her kids drove 24 hours from New Orleans.

"Basically, I just took things that were irreplaceable, my pictures, home videos, my cats and my kids. The only stuff that matters," said Nicolich.

They came to stay with Andrea's sister.

"I love that they're here safe. I wish they didn't have to go back," said Deanna Kube, sister.

Andrea and the kids had to evacuate for Katrina. Last time they stayed for a month. She enrolled the kids near her mom's house in Antioch. This time they were prepared, and Calvary Christian Academy has accepted the kids if they have to stay longer.

Early indications are that they may be going back as soon as Wednesday. For now, the kids are having fun with their cousin Tyler.