Art exhibit gives female immigrants voice

The Carlos and Dominguez Fine Arts Gallery in Pilsen recently opened with a retrospective of Chicago woman artists entitled Voces de Mujeres (Woman's Voices). The four female artists speak to us through their work.

Esperanza Gama shows a series of immigrant women, who as monarch butterflies, immigrate, carrying with themselves the color and the strength of their nature.

"I'm very happy to represent myself in the feeling of the woman," said Esperanza Gama, Chicago artist.

Educated in Mexico, Gama trained in Paris and traveled throughout Asia to learn her craft.

She uses Mexican bark paper to paint on and gold leaf, which is seen in the Hija de Maiz (Portrait Daughter of Corn).

"I wanted to go with the flow. They're right inside where the spirit dwells," Gama said.

The work of photographer and visual artist Diana Solis expresses the mystical, magical reality of being a woman.

Solis' work in ink and colored pencil is entitled Somos de la Tiera (We are Here).

"The work relates to our relationship to the environment," said Solis.

Her whimsical characters are based on fairy tales

The all-women exhibit celebrates women and their dreams and accomplishments.

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