Troupe preserves Mexican folkloric dance

CHICAGO The Ballet Folklorico Quetzalcoatl, .a nationally recognized dance troupe from Aurora, just celebrated its 25th anniversary. The group was formed to preserve one of the most important forms of Mexican culture, the folkloric dance.

Complex choreography, authentic wardrobes, all made in Mexico for all of the performances along with traditional music allows the dancers to tell important stories of the history of Mexico through dance. The costumes represent various states in Mexico and are heavy and require strength to be able to move in. Once a year they perform at the landmark Paramount Arts Centre in Aurora.

"We want to keep our tradition growing. We perform, we compete and bring joy to the people," said Carlos Nunez, Ballet Folklorico director and dancer.

"They are handcrafted in Mexico for the group, all handmade. It is a milestone for us to be able to perform at the Paramount Theatre," said Anna Velazquez, Ballet Folkloric dancer.

The dancers range in ages from 6 to 36 . You have several generations of families represented, including married couple Veronica and Jose Luis Mackintosh. They claim when you dance together you stay together.

"It helps us. She likes what I like and we do this together," said Jose Luis MacKintosh, Ballet Folklorico dancer.

The company showcases dancers from all over the country of Mexico, performing close to 20 different dances created to represent people, culture and the tradition of Mexico. Most of these dances are still performed throughout Mexico.

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