Walling's call ends wild goose chase

HUNTLEY, Ill. Before they escape our oncoming wind chills, one Chicago area man is making a few good bucks pretending he's a goose.

If you're a lucky goose you don't get within earshot of Wade Walling's award winning goose calls. The 21- year-old Romeoville resident is now considered to be the absolute best at imitating the sounds of geese. That means he's the best at luring geese to within shotgun range.

How did he learn?

"Just from practicing and determination and listening to a lot of geese… I'm kind of self taught. I learned a lot from my grandpa and some other people along the way but for the most part taught myself," said Walling.

In a farmer's field about 50 miles northwest of Chicago's Loop near Huntley, Ill., geese did not respond to wade's calls. But then again geese are shy about TV cameras.

This past weekend the world goose calling championship was held in Easton, Maryland. Wade beat out 33 other goose callers from around North America..

"Basically what you do is blow a ninety second routine for five human judges. They score you on difficulty of your routines, tone, volume and the overall flow of your routine," said Walling.

Walling won $10,000, some of which will go towards his college fund.

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