Country Club Hills residents protest tax hike

COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, Ill. Dozens of people protested outside Monday night's council meeting.

Residents complained that the city's portion of the tax bill has gone up-- not the county's assessment.

In a letter to residents in October, Mayor Dwight Welch explained that he raised the tax levy rate to pay for more police officers and for crime prevention efforts.

Residents say they can't afford it.

"This is a moral outage to raise taxes 45 percent on people who are already struggling," said Rev. Ralph Tolbert, Country Club Hills homeowner.

"So the alderman and the mayor are responsible for us being taxed out of our homes, about to go in foreclosure, we're trying to get some justification and fairness in our town so we can stay here and live," said Steve Burris, former alderman and mayoral candidate.

Country Cub Hlls has not released an official response to the protest.

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