Former Chicago cop makes get-out-of-jail plea

March 11, 2009 10:26:16 AM PDT
A former Chicago cop who secretly worked for the Chicago mob says enough is enough: he should be released from jail.He is Anthony Doyle who was convicted of aiding and abetting the outfit in Operation Family Secrets.

One-time cop Anthony Doyle hasn't even been sentenced yet, but according to a motion filed late on Monday by his lawyers, he's been punished enough by waiting 15 months at the federal lockup for his court date.

When the Family Secrets mob trial started, Anthony "Twan" Doyle was portrayed as a poor city sanitation laborer who worked his way up to the Chicago Police Department.

In a motion filed Monday, Doyle's lawyers described him as a police hero who should be immediately freed from prison despite last year's conviction as a mob associate.

He was born Anthony Passafume but changed his name to "Doyle" to fit in with a historically Irish Chicago police force.

After Doyle retired, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2001 and volunteered as a county sheriff's deputy.

Among the acts of heroism Doyle's lawyers cite in Monday's get-out-of-jail request is this: Doyle claims that he rescued a Japanese bicyclist who was stranded in the desert under a cactus and survived by drinking his own urine.

Doyle also asks for the court's mercy so he can tend to his wife who lives condo about 60 miles from Phoenix.

When the I-Team recently paid a visit to Catherine "Cassie" Doyle, she declined to speak with ABC 7.

In Monday's motion, Doyle contends that his wife had two strokes and has heart trouble and that he stands to lose his $30,000 a year city pension which supports her.

Doyle was originally scheduled to be sentenced on Monday and the other four major 'Family Secrets' defendants were set to be sentenced before Christmas.

But in a ruling late Monday afternoon, Judge James Zagel has postponed all the outfit sentencings. Defense attorneys said they were entitled to more time because the government made last minute changes in pre-sentence reports.

That means Doyle will stay in jail along with lead defendant Frank Calabrese who we learned Monday recently had heart surgery.

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.