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Tech expert Alex Goldfayn shows us his hot holiday picks for under $100

1) Wireless Memory Cards from Eye-Fi: This small start-up has become an industry darling by getting your pictures from your camera to your computer wirelessly, through the air, as soon as you get home!

The Eye-Fi Share: $99

2) In-car Bluetooth Products from Parrot: Alex hates headsets -- but loves in-car wireless devices that let you talk on your phone through your car stereo! These units from Parrot are his favorite.

Parrot MiniKit Slim (His & Hers!): $70

3) High-Def Digital Picture Frames from Pandigital: These frames have the sharpest, crispest display on the market -- and you'd be hard-pressed to find an easier-to-use digital picture frame!

Pandigital Pantouch 7-inch Frame: $80

4) The latest wireless devices from the Wi-Fi Alliance: Phones, video games, music players and televisions all use Wi-Fi now. I'll have a couple new devices for under $100.

5) (Price cap exception) A New Netbook: Laptops have never been so affordable -- this is a whole new category of notebook computers, just out on the market a few months ago. 9-inch screen. Weighs 2 pounds. Wireless internet. Crazy low price. Perfect for this economy!

Acer Aspire One: $300

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