Charges filed in Metra officer's death

January 5, 2009 5:27:13 PM PST
South suburban police have apparently solved the 2-year-old murder case of a Metra police officer. Thomas Cook was shot in the Harvey Metra station parking lot in September of 2006. Officer Cook was the first Metra police officer killed in the line of duty. Prior to working there he worked at the Riverdale police department where there is a tribute to his honor. It was also Riverdale police headquarters that the south suburban major crimes task force held a conference.

The family of Off Thomas Cook grieved and waited for justice to be served. On Monday Jeremy Lloyd was charged with the murder.

According to the state attorney Lloyd is alleged to have planned and participated in the murder serving as a lookout with the motive of the crime to steal an officer's semiautomatic service resolver.

On the evening of September 27, 2006 Cook was on special patrol at the Harvey Metra stop at 147th Street. He was shot twice in the head.

"I think we would all agree the murder of a police officer is an attack on the entire criminal justice system and unnerving to the general public when criminals target those that are sworn to serve and protect," said Chief Tim McCarthy of the South suburban major crimes task force.

Lloyd was in court Monday. Prosecutors allege he helped hatch a scheme to get a gun and served as a lookout while someone else shot Officer Cook and stole his weapon.

Relatives of Officer Cook attended the press conference of the south suburban major crimes task force. They declined an on-camera interview. Officer Cook's brother said "we are happy it has come to this. After two years we felt frustrated about what was going on. We were glad it got to this point."

Officer Cook's brother also said that while they were frustrated with the pace of justice that they are very grateful for the officers who have continued to keep up this investigation tirelessly and in fact that investigation is still open.

There is someone they believe was the trigger person in this case. In court he was referred to as individual A. Officers were reluctant to say more about the investigation today.

As for Jeremy Lloyd, he was in prison when he was charged in this case. His trial is set for February.