Roseland pharmacist fixture in community

January 9, 2009 10:27:15 AM PST
Many residents of Chicago's Roseland community don't visit a big name drug store when they need medicine or other items. They go to see Fred Trimuel. For more than 30 years, he's been the pharmacist behind the counter of a family-owned pharmacy.

Others like it in the Roseland community have closed but the Heinz drug store continues to survive the competition from larger pharmacies. After working there five years registered pharmacist, Fred Trimuel bought the business in 1975.

So whats the key to survival?

"Long dedicated hours. Seven days per week, eight to 12 hours per day. It's one of things I like to do its a pleasure working here," said Trimuel.

After nearly 40 years in the community, Trimuel and the pharmacy have become everybody's next door neighbor.

"I've been in this community 38 years..this a wonderful pharmacy...he's a wonderful friend you don't mind spending your money with a friend," said Herman Douglas, long time customer.

"Sometimes a doctor gives you a prescription and that's that but he say you take it this way or that way. Just do what it says and I thank God for that," said June King, customer.

In most pharmacies these days, drugs are pre packaged but Trimuel actually makes medications with a mortar and pestle the way it was done many years ago.

"Its a rarity that people can find a pharmacist that really make up the medication from scratch," said Trimuel.

The store is a family affair shared by Fred, son Damion and wife Allie.

"The community is just wonderful that love my dad and my dad loves them. It's just a blessing I couldn't have dreamt of anything better than who I am now," said Damion Trimeul.

"Not only have we gained friends we've gained family and I don't think that is anyone in the community where Heinz pharmacy is and who the pharmacist is," said Allie Trimuel.

Trimuel recognizes not everyone with a prescription can pay.

"Money's not the only thing in life," said Trimuel.