SUV carjacked with child inside

January 14, 2009 9:06:15 PM PST
Chicago police are investigating the carjacking of an SUV with a child inside.It happened at 117th Street and Harvard.

A mother was carjacked at gunpoint and her five-year-old son, Anthony, was taken inside the vehicle. Police say the offenders approached on foot and displayed a weapon.

Police found the boy unharmed in the car in an alley on 119th.

The Chevy Blazer he was found abandoned in an alley a few blocks south of the boy's house. A neighbor spotted the vehicle and rescued the boy and called 911.

ABC7 spoke with the boy's mother before she knew he was safe.

"The guy was asking me for money and I told him that I didn't have any. So he told me, 'give me your car keys.'...He put it [gun] on me in front of my other kid. But my little one was in the back seat so I told the guy to stop because my kid is in there and he didn't care, he just ran away," said Laura Tellez, mother of Anthony.

Anthony was taken to a local hospital for evaluation but seems to be alright.

Officials are still looking for three male suspects. They seem to have dumped the vehicle when they realized the boy was inside the car.