Oak Park family to witness history

January 15, 2009 2:42:18 PM PST
An Oak Park family will be one of millions witnessing history in person next week at the presidential inauguration. The Elsmo's of Oak Park, Melissa, Emma and Finn, are all going to the presidential inauguration. For months, the family, including dad Leif, crossed the country campaigning for Obama.

"We're taking them because they are old enough not to forget, and as they grow with this experience they will become keepers of history," said Melissa Elsmo, presidential inaugural guest.

The family is invited to all of the events. Father and daughter will attend the swearing in, and mother and son will go to the parade.

"I think it is really cool to be going to the inauguration and the parade and see the bands," said Finn Elsmo, Melissa's son.

"It makes me feel really important that I actually know the president," said Emma Elsmo, Melissa's daughter.

Leif is a friend and former colleague of Michelle Obama. The Elsmo home is filled with Obama memorabilia that dates back to his Senate race including a signed book. However, one of their most prized possessions is a personal inaugural invitation from President-elect Obama.

"We are tickled, honored by the invitation and very excited to go," said Melissa.

This family likes to record everything and do everything together. Melissa says that campaigning has even brought them closer ad that going to Washington, D.C., is going to help them to become a part of history.

"My husband finds it very attractive because i became a political junkie," Melissa said.

Melissa still needs to purchase an inaugural gown. The family leaves on Saturday.