Necktie designer sets trends for women

January 22, 2009 (CHICAGO) But many are being recycle as a new a fashion trend for women.

Cheri Tannebaum cannot verbalize her designs due to dystonia. She traveled to Chicago from Israel to showcase her unique designs.

Designs by Cheri was one of the exhibit selected to participate in the merchandise mart's one of a kind show that last month.

Libby Hanna director of sales explains why she was selected.

"Cheri was selected because she was really appropriate for our emerging artist program. Not only is her work so unique and just dynamic and truly one of a kind. She has pretty little experience doing shows and selling her work," said Hanna.

Cheri's dystonia doesn't define her talent but has created some limitations like communications.

Cheri uses her blackberry to communicate. Her mom Frances Belzbery translates for her.

"It's the combination of adding other materials and other accoutrements to the basic times, not just using the ties themselves," said Belzbery.

People donate ties to cheri. She also finds them at thrift stores.

Mom had no idea of her daughter's unique talent.

"This child that I raised, that I lived with all these years and I didn't know she has it in her," said Belzbery.

"I've seen ties used in different accessories but not quite like her. They're just really funky and I think someone who's looking for a real fashion statement can definitely find them in these skirts. I mean they're just so cool," said Hanna.

Cheri's ties skirts sell for $200 and up.

For more information on designs by Cheri and the Dystonia Foundation, visit their Web sites:

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