Steak and other recipes from Tony Stallone

February 1, 2009 7:21:34 AM PST
Produce guru Tony Stallone from Peapod shares some of his flavorful recipes. Balsamic Asparagus Salad with Hearts of Palm

1 lb Asparagus cleaned and sliced thinly on the diagonal
3 to 4 stalks Hearts of palm drained and cut on the diagonal
1/4C Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2t Dijon Mustard
2t Balsamic vinegar
1T Lemon Juice
1t Shallots chopped finely
1/8t Fresh Ground Pepper
optional Fresh shaved Parmesan to garnish

Cut off bottom white to light green part of asparagus and discard, then slice extremely thin on the diagonal, if you like you can then microwave or steam until just crisp tender. Combine oil, mustard, vinegar, lemon juice, shallots and pepper in a bowl and whisk until thoroughly blended. Arrange asparagus and hearts of palm in a large salad bowl or individual plates drizzle with dressing and garnish with parmesan. Makes 6 to 8 salads.

Pan-Fried NY Strip Steaks with Shallot Wine Sauce

2 NY Choice Strip Steaks 10 oz each
1 Shallot finely minced
2T Olive Oil just enough to cover the pan (avoids splattering on the stove and less oil makes a better crust)
1/4C Red Wine
2T Butter cut into 4 slices
2t Dijon Mustard
1/4t Salt Kosher
1/4t Fresh Ground Pepper

Combine salt and pepper and rub on both sides of steaks, pressing into meat. In a cast iron or stainless steel pan heat oil over medium high heat. Once pan is heated add steaks and cook for 3 minutes, turn and cook additional 3 minutes for rare (4 to 6 minutes a side for medium to well), remove and cover with foil. Add shallots and cook for 1 minute then add wine and scrape bottom of pan with steak remains cook 2 minutes letting wine reduce. Reduce heat to medium low add sliced butter, mustard and stir until blended. Serve over steaks.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

2lb Strawberries
1lb Bittersweet chocolate (finely chopped)
2oz Butter unsalted
1/2Cup Whole Milk

Simmer Butter and milk until butter is melted. Pour over chopped chocolate and work occasionally and slowly with a spoon until chocolate is smooth, then immediately dip strawberries and set on wax paper until chocolate is hard.

Strawberries Orange with Mint

2lb Strawberries sliced
1 Juice of Tangerine
2T Fresh Mint chopped

Combine all ingredients and serve immediately.

Balsamic Syrup

2Cups Balsamic Vinegar (any balsamic will do does not have to be high quality)

In a sauce pan over medium heat reduce balsamic vinegar to 1/4 cup and thick syrup consistency.

Homemade Whip Cream

1pt Whipping Cream
2T Powder Sugar
1/2t Vanilla

In a chilled stainless steel bowl pour cream and sugar and whip with beaters until it begins to fluff add vanilla then whip to fluffy consistency. You may add more sugar to taste.