Troopers pull driver from fiery crash

Teen charged with possession of stolen car
February 17, 2009 6:56:57 AM PST
Illinois State Police pulled a young man from a wrecked car moments before it was engulfed in flames.Officials say the teenage driver lost control of the Chrylser sedan on I-57. The car left the expressway, crashed into a tree at Vollmer Road near south suburban Matteson, and burst into flames.

Small explosions could be heard coming from the sedan as the fuel and other flammable items inside ignited.

Sources say the car may have been the focus of a police pursuit moments before the crash.

"If the trooper didn't come up when he did, he could've burned to death in the car. He was transported to the hospital," said James Dermouy, Matteson Fire Department.

The driver has been charged as a juvenile for possession of a stolen car.