School board president resigns

Meeting called in alleged assault
March 3, 2009 6:28:01 PM PST
The alleged sexual assault of a Naperville middle school student by two of his classmates has brought questions and much controversy. The boy's family is angry that he still has to see one of his alleged attackers in school and many parents still have questions about the way the school district is handling the situation.

The school board announced on Tuesday that the district will have a private meeting on Friday with all the parties involved in the alleged incident. Not only is the district dealing with a criminal matter, it's also become a political one with many parents challenging school board members and the district about how they handled the incident.

"As of the end of this meeting I'm stepping down as board president," said Mark Mark Metzger, former school board president, District 204.

Metzger stepped down in response to the controversy that has consumed Indian Prairie School, District 204 stemming from the alleged assault on a middle school student. Metzger also apologized for allegedly sending an offensive email to a parent.

Karl Cordis says he's been frustrated at the district's response to the alleged assault which involved an 11-year-old boy who was reportedly attacked by two classmates, one 11 and 12. Both face charges of felony sex abuse and a misdemeanor battery charge.

Because the incident happened off campus in the home of one of the attackers, district officials say there are limits to what actions the board can legally take. But parents say the district has not done enough.

"It's beyond reproach. What's beyond reproach is our leaders and elected officials have just neglected it because it's the big ugly secret no one wants to talk about," said Karl Cordis, concerned parent.

Cordis plans to talk about it at the session. Dozens of parents have complained that the board did not act swiftly enough in reaction to the incident and did not relay information to parents.

Tensions flared last month when it was discovered one of the alleged attackers still attends Gregory Middle School and they say the board needs to incorporate discipline that incorporates off campus violence.

Legislation is expected to be introduced that will allow districts to transfer students involved in felonies to transfer to an alternative school.