Details revealed in death of Gayle's girlfriend

Prosecutors say motive was jealousy
March 4, 2009 (WAUKEGAN, Ill.) The alleged motive: jealousy.

"When I really sit down and just think that this all happened because someone had a crush it makes no sense to me," said Shaun Gayle.

Gayle says he never had a romantic relationship with the accused woman.

Marni Yang has been the prime suspect for more than a year. But it took a friend of Yang's finally deciding to cooperate with police that helped them gather the evidence to make their case.

Aggressive. Sophisticated. Knowledgeable. Those are words Marni Yang used to describe herself on her homepage.

They're also the words prosecutors implied on Wednesday when describing how they think Yang set out to murder Rhoni Reuter and her unborn child.

"If I had given her the dating relationship that she wanted this tragedy may not have happened," said Gayle.

Former Bears star Shaun Gayle says he never witnessed the jealousy prosecutors say was the motive for the murder of Reuter, who was seven months pregnant with Gayle's daughter.

Investigators say Yang purchased a book entitled "How to Make Disposable Silencers." The 105-page manual includes photos and drawings. It is a "how to" book. An ad promises it will "help anyone build disposable silencers that are just as effective as 'professional' models."

Prosecutors told a judge on Wednesday they have Ms. Yang on tape, talking to a friend about wearing a wig, putting stolen plates on a rental car, and burying a pregnancy bracelet worn by Reuter.

"Some of the things that she said could have only been known by the murder," said Michael Waller, Lake County state's attorney.

"The first call I received after the shooting was from Marni Yang, offering her support. I've come to the conclusion that this was based on trying to get Rhoni out of the way so she could possibly foster a relationship," said Gayle.

Shaun Gayle says he's known Yang for more than a decade. He describes her as his realtor and friend.

In court, prosecutors said the two also dated.

"As far as relationship I had with Marni Yang…it was not what it appears to be based on court," said Gayle.

Rhoni Reuter's family in Wisconsin released a statement on Wednesday night saying, "Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions as we heard the news. We are relieved that this person is finally off the streets and will no longer be a threat to anyone else."

A judge ordered Marni Yang held in jail without bond.

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