Housewares show covers gadgets galore

March 23, 2009 (CHICAGO) Products ranging from apple peelers to zippers are all on display at McCormick Place for the International Housewares Show.

McCormick Place is absolutely jammed with everything you could ever possibly need for your home. More than 2,000 exhibitors are there selling to about 60,000 buyers. And, despite the economy, the crowds are good.

All of the big names are here and also some absolute unknowns in an area called the Inventors Corner. They're little guys, people with new inventions like "Dotz," a simple idea to unscramble your electrical cords.

"Dotz are a simple to use color coded icon based system for identifying your cords behind your computer, behind your entertainment center," said Micah Maraia, inventor of Dotz.

"Thee Throne" is a remote-controlled adjustable toilet. It rises and lowers for people with special needs.

"This particular product will help individuals that are elderly as well as individuals that are overweight," said Marshall Hennington, inventor of Thee Throne.

All of these inventions, including lefty and righty spoons for kids, should be on the market soon. The Platetopper is a new invention award winner.

"The Platetopper is a new food storage device which converts any plate into an airtight container. As you can see the plates are now stackable in the refrigerator," said Michael Tseng, inventor of Platetopper.

And, then finally a solution to one of the most annoying problems in the world-- plastic containers. You can't open them up even with a scissors or hacksaw or chainsaw. Nothing opens these things up. Until along comes Steve Fisher and his Zip-It. It's just a battery operated gadget that breaks into those plastic safes.

"It works very similar to a can opener. Only it cuts plastic instead of cans," said Fisher.

The tradeshow runs until Tuesday, March 24, 2009. It is not open to the public.

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