Concrete hits car on Edens, injures 1

March 30, 2009 2:17:33 PM PDT
Two cousins from the north suburbs are recovering from a scare while driving home from the city. Sheri Kaad and Sari Burton were on their way home early Sunday morning when a piece of concrete slammed through their car's windshield. They were heading northbound on the Edens Expressway at Peterson when they heard a loud noise. After pulling over to the side of the road, Kaad realized her cousin was hurt.

"I looked at her and there were little splatters of blood on her face. It just seemed like maybe from the glass, and it was really scary," said Sheri Kaad, driver.

"I felt something hit me. And I looked up and had no idea what had happened 'cause I didn't see anything. All of a sudden I just saw a big hole, the windshield had shattered. And then a couple seconds later, we were looking around and found on the floor by my feet, I saw this huge piece of concrete," said Sari Burton, passenger.

Kaad's car has significant damage. And in spite of that she says the state police told her story didn't "add up." She claims to have offered to take a breathalyzer test but the state trooper told her it wasn't necessary.