Police suspect ex-boyfriend in murder

April 9, 2009 (CHICAGO) Fertamia Smith, 35, was last seen by her family on Sunday morning. Her body was found Wednesday night West 68th Street in Chicago's Hamilton Park community.

She died of a gunshot wound to the chest, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.

Smith's ex-boyfriend, who is the father to her four children, turned himself in to police, but did not admit any wrongdoing. He has not been identified because murder charges are pending against him.

"My sister was a good woman. She didn't deserve to be put in the back of a trunk," said Desiree Fleming, victim's sister.

Fleming said her sister was going to borrow her ex-boyfriend's car so she could get to church on Sunday. She was last seen getting into his Taurus, the same car in which her body was found on Wednesday night. Smith never made it to the service.

"She was supposed to go drop him off at his house. But she never made it to church," said Fleming. "I want people to know she wasn't going to church with him, she wasn't with him."

She was reported missing on Tuesday after she did not show up for work on Monday. Her body was discovered after Smith's ex-boyfriend gave his car keys to an attorney and told him where to find the body.

"The offender then subsequently relinquished himself to the authorities at area one and turned himself in. The police went to the vehicle, opened up the trunk and did find the deceased in the trunk," said Dep. Chief Richard Blass, Bellwood Police Department.

Bellwood police said the suspect has not admitted to any guilt. Smith's family says he allegedly abused Smith for years.

"My sister survived abuse, approximately 10 years, 11 years of abuse at his hands," said Fleming.

"I had this talk with her on Saturday night about 11:30ish and she was telling me about how he began to get possessive again and how he had pulled a gun on her like two weeks ago," said Odean Paige, victim's relative.

About a year ago, Smith filed an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend. However, it was terminated a month later.

Smith is survived by her four children- three boys and one girl.

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