Theater offers actors with disabilities an outlet

April 16, 2009 (KANKAKEE, Ill.) It is one of the most popular community theaters in the Kankakee area.

Adult members of Easy Street Theater are rehearsing for this weekend's spring production "Superheroes, The Musical...or Not."

"We have 15 acts, superheroes who are all representing the different music of course," said theater founder and director Monica Brigham. She says this is the best and most joyful experience she has ever had.

"All of the leads are the actors with disabilities. They are assisted on stage with acting buddies who carry a script with them on stage though rehearsals and performances to remind the actors what their lines are and to remind them what their stage moves are," Bingham said.

Ryan Neese is one of the actors with disabilities and one of the two who does not have an acting buddy.

"I play Mr. Jingles, the guy, the superhero that represents Christmas music. I love Christmas music when it comes every season like Jingle Bell Rock," said Neese.

Steve Worth is one of the acting buddies who really enjoys being part of this theater group.

"There's so much love in their hearts, it's infectious you just want to be around it," Worth said.

"Superheroes the Musical ..or Not" will take place this Saturday and Sunday at the First Church of the Nazarene. They are located at 1000 N. Entrance Ave. in Kankakee, Illinois. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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