Hitler's paintings sell at auction

April 24, 2009 Paintings attributed to the man who would become the founder of Nazi Germany were sold at auction in London this week.

A self-portrait with Hitler's signature sold for nearly $15,000.

A British soldier in Germany took the paintings in 1945. They were all but forgotten in a collector's garage for over 60 years.

The paintings, said to be done by Hitler in his early 20's, prompted bids from collectors around the world.

"Whether you think of him as a monster as I do, or not, he's nevertheless a famous person from history. So that's why people want them," Richard Westwood-Brookes, of Mullocks Auction House.

Some argue that the paintings should have been destroyed. Instead they were sold for nearly $150,000.

Critics say Hitler had little talent. He was rejected from art school and joined the army.

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