Shape up for Summer with Circuit Training

May 12, 2009 This is a circuit in which you begin by engaging in a predetermined timed cardio interval (1-5 minutes); after an adequate warm-up. The cardio effort should place stimulating demand on your cardio-respiratory system. Follow that with exercise one, then repeat cardio interval, move on to exercise 2, return to cardio interval then onto exercise 3 finally, you finish where you began…brisk and challenging cardio effort.

Pace yourself, the goal is to not rest (unless needed for safety and common sense) until you complete each exercise using the stability ball and cardio interval.

(If you have any current pain in joints …avoid these movements and address cause of pain by seeing the appropriate healthcare professional.)


1. At least one cardio mode (skip rope, stationary bike, treadmill, cross-trainer)
2. Stability Ball (SB)
3. Pair of dumbbells (DB) or body weight (BW)

Exercise: (SB) chest press with pull-over (DB)
Description: With head & shoulders bridge on SB using DB execute chest press. Arms extended, initiate bend at elbows without moving them toward hips. Maintain 900 angle at elbow, lowering DB above head (now moving at the shoulder) while maintaining bridge on ball (hips extended thus glute contraction emphasis), feeling stretch in the lats, abs braced, pull DB over to original position via shoulder movement, then extend elbow such that it is vertically aligned with shoulder thus returning DB to end of press position then lower DB to start position.
Benefits: chest, triceps, lats, glutes

Exercise: (SB) Horizontal trunk rotation (BW) or (DB)
Description: With head & shoulders bridge on SB. Extend arms over chest, hands interlocked, drive right shoulder in SB (maintain bridge) rotating laterally hands remain over chest throughout movement. Return to start position. Repeat on left direction.
Benefits: chest, triceps, lats, glutes

Exercise: (SB) back- shoulder extension (DB)
Description: Lying belly down on the stability ball with feet wider than shoulder width (ideally against the base of a wall). Drive hips into the ball while extending thru the hips secondly thru the low back. Most of the muscle tension going thru the butt muscles. Avoid excessive tension in the low back, prioritize tension in the glutes. As you extend thru the hips with straight arm moving rearward maintain good posture in upper body (shoulder blades down toward hips)
Benefits: glutes, low back, rear shoulder, triceps

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