Weekend Closet Clean-Up

June 25, 2009 Whether using cabbage, lemon or cayenne pepper, the end goal is to rid your system of the toxins that are slowing you down. Well guess what? Your closet can be poisoned too! says Kara Kurcz, fashion designer and creator of Closet Karma.com www.closetkarma.com. Kara says when your closet is toxic the end result is the same. You feel sluggish and unmotivated to get dressed in the morning. Sometimes you can't even stand the sight of your own closet, she adds. This can bleed into everything from your personal life to your work. How you feel about your closet is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. So Kara has outlined a closet clean-up that you can accomplish in 3 Phases in 3 days.

Phase #1 The Prep Phase: Uncloset Your Karma!

You can discover more about yourself by just browsing your closet.

1.) What type of hanger are you? Wooden, wire, plastic or mixed?

2.) What type of closet do you have? Starving, Stuffed, Confused, Cluttered or Dysfunctional?

Phase #2 The Detox Phase: Filtering the Phantoms of Your Closet

1.) Pull everything you own out of your closet. Yes, Everything!

2.) Anything that has not been worn in the last 3 years goes in a separate pile.

3.) You are only allowed to keep 1/3 of that pile. When we hold onto sizes or styles of the past we are only reinforcing negative thoughts.

4.) A healthy closet means you are able to wear 70% percent of your closet. Most importantly, you should WANT to wear your clothes.

Phase #3: Rebuilding Phase:

1.) Refuel your closet. Stock your closet with things you like to wear. If your budget is already busting, "phone a friend". Clothing swap parties are a great way to do this. Throw a party with your gal pals where everyone brings items from their closet and you swap.

2.)Re Sell: There are tons of ways to make money from old clothes whether on the internet or consignment stores in your area.

3.)Resuscitate: Time to give some CPR to your closet. Find ways to recycle and reuse everything you decided to keep: Especially in a recession! Maybe there was a pair of jeans you just couldn't part with? Find a way to make your denim dazzle. Fashion is cyclical is doesn't matter if it's trendy. What matters, is does your wardrobe make you feel fabulous!

4.)Reorganize: Treat your Closet Like Your Own Personal Store. Your closet should be a place where you can shop and the merchandise makes you feel marvelous!

Section your closet by how you feel, not what color you wear. I have a "I feel bloated section". All of my wraps and shrugs live there so when I have a clothing emergency I know exactly where to go to cheer me up. I also have a "hot mama section" This section is for the mornings I wake up and I think "Hey Supermodel, you can wear that sleeveless dress." And on the days when I don't feel like Gisele I have a section of clothes that make me feel and look thinner. Make Your Accessories Accessible. Accessories are the key to feeling fabulous no matter what your budget. It's a Jewelry Box not a Litter Box! Don't just throw things in there. Don't let your necklace get tangled or things get lost. Believe me, the single earring look is not back in Style.


Kara Kurcz is a former Chicago girl, who now lives and works in California. She's a successful handbag and clothing designer www.solasfashion.com as well as creator of Closet Karma www.closetkarma.com

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