Daley proposes furloughs for non-union workers

July 28, 2009 (CHICAGO) Mayor Daley said today that the city is hurting and sacrifices must be made.

The agencies affected include Chicago Public Schools, the CTA, the Park District, the Housing Authority, City Colleges of Chicago and the Public Building Commission.

The new plan includes 1,440 public school employees taking six unpaid holidays, 312 CTA general managers and above taking three unpaid holidays and 26 vice presidents taking three additional furlough days. Fourteen officers at City Colleges of Chicago would take three unpaid holidays and three furlough days. Forty-six Park District senior managers would take five unpaid holidays and three shutdown days. Eighty-four Housing Authority directors would take six unpaid holidays. Ten Public Building Commission senior staff would take five unpaid holidays.

"A combination of steps which include taking unpaid holidays for the rest of the year, foregoing pay increases, for 2009 the city agencies will reduce spending by about $18.8 million. For the 2,000 employees affected, I want to thank them in advance for making this difficult sacrifice," Mayor Daley said.

The agencies' boards would have to approve the furlough plans.

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