Jogger recovering after Rogers Park attack

August 12, 2009 (CHICAGO) Police have linked some of the attacks in Lincoln Park, but not all of the attacks across the North Side.

Police had been hopeful they had a break in the case. However, the 25-year-old who was being questioned in one of the Lincoln Park incidents on Tuesday was released from police custody. No charges have been filed.

"It's a continuing investigation so I can't comment any further. Any specific pieces of evidence or anything like that, just to tell you that it is a continuing investigation," said Anita Alvarez, Cook County State's attorney. "And we're going to continue to work hand in hand with the Chicago Police Department to try to solve the crime."

Last night, a man was jogging in Rogers Park around 10 p.m. when two men approached him. One had a gun.

"He crossed in front of my path," the 30-year-old victim explained. "I got annoyed. I was like, first of all, you know, you are getting in my way. And he pulled out a gun and puts a rag over his mouth at the same time. So I stopped right there. And I said, alright, you have my attention."

The victim was shot in the shoulder. He is going to be OK. But, he's rethinking his late night runs.

"The mistake I made is when I went down a dark alley, which is my comfort zone in Rogers Park, and I felt like I could go anywhere and be safe," the victim said. "But I took advantage, and really, it's not safe. And I would stay in the light of day, and I'm going to look over my shoulder."

Also early Wednesday morning, another man was approached and robbed in the 3300-block of North Seminary.

The latest incidents fall on the heels of a string of strong armed robberies, four of which have been linked together by police.

"I tell people all the time when I go to the meetings, try to get out there and speak to the police officers who are on the beat and make sure you call 911 when you hear alarms go off or someone yelling. Whatever it is. And do the outreach necessary to make sure you help your neighbors," said Ald. Scott Waguespack, 32nd Ward.

Waguespack is taking part in a community meeting at the Lincoln Park Cultural Center on Thursday at 7 p.m. It is open to the public.

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