IOC member comments on Obama going to Copenhagen

September 14, 2009 8:37:21 PM PDT
For the first time, the public is hearing from a member of the International Olympic Committee about the possibility President Barack Obama may not go to Copenhagen to push for Chicago's 2016 bid. "I don't think there's an IOC member in the world that wouldn't love to meet your president. He's a transformational figure in the world today," said Dick Pound, IOC member.

Canadian IOC member Dick Pound was in Chicago on Monday night. He says he thinks Rio has considerable momentum going into the vote in just two and a half weeks.

Last week, the White House announced First Lady Michelle Obama will be going to Copenhagen. And on Monday, President Obama told Bloomberg news he's in the middle of some very important decisions and it may not be a time where he can devote a couple of days over there.