Leaders take credit for slashing county hospital budget

September 16, 2009 Last year, the hospital transferred from being run by the Cook County Board to an independent board.

The new leaders have saved the hospital $60 million by eliminating 900 positions that were funded but not filled.

The change came shortly after Cook County Board President Todd Stroger took office.

"The hospital system is running well. It is making some changes that have to be made. This is because of my leadership, and I don't mind taking credit for it," said Stroger.

"There's a lot of patronage going on there and I'm glad that they're weeding out a lot of the unnecessary positions and you know, giving us a lot more room in the budget to make it go toward services and not going toward the patronage pigs that are out there," said Elizabeth Doody Gorman, Cook County commissioner.

Stroger says he's been told by the independent board that if they run into money trouble they're going to ask the Cook County board for funding.

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