Opponents of Olympics relieved

October 2, 2009 (CHICAGO) "The people who are for the bid, and the people who are against it: we're all for a better Chicago, and making our city a better place to live. And No Games is really excited that the city is not going to be burdened by the distraction of the Olympics," said Francesca Rodriguez, No Games Chicago.

"We need more government resources, more government attention, more community attention, onto the problems at hand, and that's our children, who's our real future. And that far too much time and resources have been put into getting this bid for Chicago," said Willie Fleming No Games Chicago.

Fleming said one of Chicago's top post-Olympic priorities should be to reduce teenage violence.

Opposition: Chicago faltered financially

Members of "No Games Chicago" claim the city was never financially fit to host the Games and that the money will be better spent elsewhere.

Francesca Rodriquez, with No Games Chicago, appeared on ABC7 early Friday morning.

Allen Sanderson, a University of Chicago professor, who opposes Chicago's bid, also appeared on ABC7 news.

First Ward Alderman Manny Flores voted in favor of the bid, but he was among those concerned about the cost and making sure Chicagoans are not stuck with the bill.

Bob Quellos from No Games Chicago says Chicago dug its own grave.

"It's crazy that they got knocked out so quickly" he said. "The IOC, historically hasn't picked the best bid to win the Games. In this round, though, this year, Chicago had the least attractive bid. Mayor Daley was trying to do one thing and today we're going to have to pay for this while going to the IOC and say he wasn't going to sign on the line where Chicago would take on full financial responsibility. Then he had to go back and actually say he would sign on that. Chicago didn't have the money in the bank that these other cities did. I think another factor, just the opposition in this city. The last poll from the Tribune and WGN showed half Chicagoans supported this bid. If you're the IOC and look at what's happened in Vancouver, where the city has taken on a $6 billion tab, London four times over budget, and the Games in 2012 have turned into an economic disaster, I think you're probably looking at this more level-headed than they have in the past."

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