Healthy eating with Robert Ferguson

October 14, 2009

(Press Release) Robert Ferguson, M.S., C.N., "America's Fat Loss Coach"

(BIO) America's Top Weight-Loss Coach, Celebrity fitness trainer, nutritionist, lecturer, author, and creator of America's #1 infomercial today. Throughout the years, Robert has coached celebrities (Kim Coles, Denise Richards, Mariel Hemingway, Shari Headley, etc.) and professional athletes (Fernando Vargas, Reggie Theus, Sergio Mora, etc.), helping them to lose staggering amounts of weight while eating their favorite foods. He is the author of Fat That Doesn't Come Back and Conquering the Munchie Monster, and his new book with Penguin Publishing is scheduled for release in late 2010. Robert has published and been featured in more than 1,000 articles on nutrition and fat loss, acts as a consultant to Gold's Gym, owns and operates two wellness centers in Ventura, CA, is a former U.S. marine, and has three black belts in mixed martial arts.

(PRESS RELEASE) Live Your Healthiest Life, a full day seminar and workshop sponsored by Purses and Pockets with a Purpose. Attendees will learn the secret of how small changes in their existing "diet" can cause rapid fat loss, without giving up their favorite foods! Robert's mantra is 'Eat all your favorite foods at every single meal - snack in between - and reduce your waistline every single week.' Through guided instruction, participants will learn and apply proven "tricks of the trade" for losing fat, boosting energy, improving health, and looking and feeling younger. They will also learn the health and metabolism benefits of his 6-Day Detox Drop, get smart, healthy, and cost effective food shopping tips, and come away with the tools and the knowledge needed to live the healthiest life now!

Live Your Healthiest Life!
Robert Ferguson
"America's Fat Loss Coach"
McCormick Place Chicago
2301 South Lakeshore Drive
Sat., 10am to 5pm

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