Dress Boho-chic like the "Eastwick" Stars

November 4, 2009 You can recreate this look in several different ways, Alison says. Layering is key to the sought-after Boho look. Break out your inner Bohemian and mix and match your boots with leggings and a colorful, belted cardigan for the ultimate bohemian foundation. Add whimsical accessories such as leather headbands, stacked bracelets or layered necklaces to bring out all together.

"Bohemian" refers to a stereotypical way of life for artists and intellectuals, Alison explains. The lifestyle is rooted in the American "beat" movement of the 50s. Members of the movement, beatniks, rejected conventional middle-class values and embraced radical and exotic customs. "Bohemian" stands for a free-thinking, free-being philosophy that favors unconventional habits and clothing, she continues. In the past, bohemians often wore out-of-date, unfashionable clothing that defied mainstream fashion trends. This grew into a widespread embrace of haphazard mixes of colors and fabrics by many artists. Now, the Boho look is a perfect balance of intentional messiness, artistic creativity and vintage chic.

Boho-chic is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, Alison adds. The Boho look is all about creativity giving the person who wears it the freedom to layer fabrics, mix prints and fearlessly accessorize, she say. It can associated with many popular stars and idols of today like actresses Sienna Miller Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, model Kate Moss and Nicole Richie. The newest resurgence of the look has come about through the new ABC primetime show "Eastwick" where the bewitching characters all sport this style with ease.


All fashions from TJMaxx

Outfit #1- Bomber
Grey Leather bomber jacket 29.99
Black leather bow purse 39.99
Black and silver ring (IN PURSE FOR SHIPPING) 14.99
Black leather booties 59.99
Pink Paisley and black satin halter dress 29.99
Black textured tights 6.99

Outfit # 2- Paisley
Black leather studded bag 169.99
Pearl ring with silver detailing 39.99
Paisley top 29.99
Black tank top 5.99
Light wash tapered jeans 14.99
Black boots with rosettes on side 24.99

Outfit # 3 - Long sweater
Teal Flats 39.99
Black and silver necklace 29.99
Bronze belt 19.99
Brown leggings 7.99
Furry purse 34.99
Red long sleeve top 5.99
Indian print top 14.99
Long knit sweater 39.99

Outfit # 4 – 'Love' T shirt
Love necklace 14.99
Silver and turquoise cuff 59.99
Grey Suede boots 129.99
Graphic 'Love' T 14.99
Yellow Sleeveless sweater 29.99
Faux grey stretch pants 16.99

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