2 charged in death of DePaul student

November 4, 2009 (CHICAGO) Nineteen-year-old Narcisco Gatica and 21-year-old Berly Valladares face charges of first degree murder and attempted murder.

VIDEO: Police press conference announce charges

Twenty-one-year-old Francisco Valencia was shot after a Halloween party early Sunday morning on the city's Northwest Side. Francisco Valencia was killed while attending a weekend Halloween party.

Police say the gunman crashed the party, then opened fire after he was asked to leave.

The gunman had no intended target. In the security camera video, we can see someone walk up and open fire. The group of party-goers frantically tried to take cover. One shot killed Francisco "Frankie" Valencia. Another injured his friend, Daisy Camacho.

Family and friends offered prayers at a memorial they have set up at the spot where 21-year-old Frankie Valencia was killed.

Valencia was outside the home where a half hour earlier several men had been asked to leave a Halloween party.

A next door neighbor says his security cameras captured images of them as they walked around the alley outside.

About a half hour later, police say they returned and police say 19-year-old Narcisco Gatica brought a nine millimeter tech nine semi-automatic gun.

"He was firing in the general direction of the party-goers," said Commander Joe Salemme, Area 5 detective.

A different camera in front of the building captured the chilling images of what the neighbor says is the gunman walking down the street in a group before breaking away and approaching the gate and firing the gun.

Police say Gatica had no intended target and no motive other than being upset at having to leave the party.

"He becomes very upset by that and in retaliation decides he's going to go shoot up the house," said Salemme.

Gatica is charged with one count of first degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

Police have also charged 21-year-old Berly Valladares who allegedly supplied him with the gun with first degree murder and attempted murder.

Police say the security video helped them with the case as did several witnesses who were able to identify the two suspects in line-ups.

With the alderman on hand, police did their roll call in the neighborhood on Wednesday night hoping their visibility will calm the random violence. A group of anti-violence activists also held their own vigil.

"We have a young man who was gunned down! He had his whole life ahead of him," said Rev. Pedro Windser, activist.

The police say the two suspects have criminal records and are admitted gang members. Authorities have also recovered the weapon and they have statements from both implicating themselves.

The suspects will appear in court on Thursday.

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