Record 2.1M dropside cribs recalled

November 23, 2009 (WASHINGTON) The Consumer Product Safety Commission said late Monday the recall involves 1.2 million cribs in the United States and almost 1 million in Canada, where Stork Craft is based. Sales of the cribs being recalled go back to 1993.

It is the largest crib recall in history.

Thousands of the cribs carry the Fisher Price logo.

The danger is over drop-side cribs. They often have parts that are broken, missing or not assembled properly and that can result in suffocation.

This is not the first time drop-side cribs have been recalled but it's the largest crib recall ever.

Bobby Cirigliano was six months old when he died in 2004, his head trapped between the mattress and side railing of his crib after the railing popped off its track.

"He was stuck in the mattress and the side rail with his face pressed up against the mattress," said Susan Cirigliano, victim's Mother.

Bobby died in a crib made by Delta. This recall involves a similar design.

Parents across the U.S. and Canada are being told to stop using cribs made by Stork Craft immediately. They have a side that moves up and down so parents can lift the baby out of the crib more easily. But that's causing the danger.

"The hardware can crack, a depression is made in the bed and the baby's head gets caught in that depression and the baby can strangle and die," said Ann Brown, former chairperson, Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The cribs were manufactured from January 1993 until last month. Nearly 150,000 of them carry the Fisher Price logo.

In the past five years, nearly 5 million cribs have been recalled for a variety of issues.

"We need more stringent testing on those products so we know they will last for the way they're being used. It's the one product you have to leave a baby alone in. It should be safe enough to do that," said Nancy Cowles, Kids In Danger.

Parents ABC7 spoke with on Monday night say they try to heed all the warnings and recalls but it isn't always easy.

"It's scary. Ss first time parents, definitely have a lot of research to do," said Kristin Banta, expecting mother.

Parents are being told to stop using the recalled cribs immediately, to wait for a free repair kit that is available, They are urged not to attempt to fix the cribs without that kit.

Consumers can contact the company, 877-274-0277, to order the free repair kit, or log on to

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