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December 16, 2009 Here's the order:


The Demy Kitchen Safe Digital Recipe Reader, $299
The first and only kitchen-safe digital recipe reader that will revolutionize the way you cook. The Demy holds your personal recipe collection in one compact, sleek device. Featuring a high-resolution color touchscreen, an uncluttered interface and many special tools to make any cook's job easier.

The T-Mobile MyTouch Android Phone, $150 (2 year contract)
Wireless phones running the Google Android operating system are all the rage right now. It's the fastest-growing category of smart phones -- and with the quality and functionality of the MyTouch, it's easy to see why. Multiple home screens, Google's suite of free, super-useful apps, and a fast-growing app store with more than 12,000 downloadable apps.

Eye-fi Memory Cards, $79 Eye-fi memory cards are WiFi enabled, which means your photos AND your video fly through the air to your computer and even directly to the Internet! No USB cable required if you use these memory cards. Eye-Fi cards are 4 GB.

Opera Web Browser E!, Free
Available for Windows, Macs and smart phones, Opera is the top Web Browser innovator out there. The features they had years ago are just coming to other browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. One of Opera's best features is called Turbo -- it actually speeds up your Internet connection, making pages load faster -- without paying an extra penny for increased connection speeds. Oh, and Opera is 100% free! FREE

EasyBloom Plant Sensor, $50
THE HI TECH WAY TO GO GREEN One of the few groundbreaking products in consumer electronics, this gardening sensor connects your garden to the Internet! It measures soil moisture and light conditions to determine which plants will thrive in your garden, and even why a certain plant is sick. A digital green thumb -- and a terrific high-tech gift for the holidays. WHO KNEW?!

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