Ice shatters windshield, injures man's face

January 7, 2010 3:31:31 AM PST
A man from west suburban Aurora is recovering after snow and ice slid off the top of a semi-truck and smashed into his windshield.Peter Morano may lose the sight in one eye as a result.

Monday morning started off normally for Morano until he had a freak accident that could have killed him.

"I've always been pretty lucky. But that ice just landed in a bad spot," said Morano.

Morano left his Aurora home, heading to work in Warrenville. He was eastbound on Butterfield Road, exiting an overpass east of Eola, when he passed a semi-truck. That's when a large, heavy wedge of ice flew off the truck and crashed through Morano's windshield.

"I was in severe pain, and blood and glass were everywhere," said Morano.

Morano was helped at the scene by strangers who also comforted his wife, Debbie, who rushed there to be with him.

"He is my absolute rock and he's my best friend on the planet. If anything would have happened to him, I honestly don't know what I would do. All of that goes through your mind," said Debbie Morano.

Morano sustained serious injuries including a broken nose, broken bones in his face and dozens of stitches. But he's most concerned about his left eye. He's not sure if he'll be able to see out of it again. Doctors won't know for at least six months.

"I do feel happy to be alive. My family and friends have supported me tremendously and it's made it easy for me to look on the bright side," said Morano.

The Moranos are thankful the outcome of the accident wasn't worse. But they hope more can be done to make sure drivers clear off the tops of their vehicles. Law enforcers agree that is a crucial step before heading out on the roads.

"Any snow we keep on our vehicles as we're traveling on the roadways could be a potential hazard not only to ourselves...but to the people traveling around us,' said Cpl. Sean McGreevy, DuPage County Sheriff's Office.

There is no law against driving with snow and ice on top of your car.

Peter Morano was not able to get a license plate or any other information about the truck and he doubts the truck driver even knew what happened. He hopes anyone who saw the accident can help with the investigation.