Acclaimed doctor, 86, named public health advocate

January 9, 2010 8:15:24 PM PST
Gov. Quinn has named one of the state's best known doctors as Illinois' first public health advocate.Dr. Quentin Young, 86, is former chairman of medicine at Cook County hospital, the former president of the American Public Health Association, and a contributor to public radio.

Dr. Young listed some of his major concerns Saturday.

"The epidemic of obesity, of diabetes, a disease that used to be rare in children; now, it's becoming very common in children. Asthma, due to ambient pollution and other factors," Young said.

"The investments we make in public health pay great, great dividends in longer life expectancies, and healthier lives for ordinary, everyday people," Quinn said.

Young, who once walked across the state with the governor and was his personal physician, will serve for $1 a year.