Hynes, Quinn campaign at Chicago churches

January 24, 2010 3:25:25 PM PST
With a little more than a week until the primary election, both Democratic candidates for governor visited Chicago churches Sunday.Gov. Pat Quinn went to four different churches, including the Triedstone Full Gospel Baptist church, where he spent time worshipping with the congregation.

Quinn appealed for the votes of the faithful, and he said his goal as governor has been to unite the state ever since he was sworn in.

"That's what I've tried to do for the whole year in Illinois, bring people together, end the friction, the division, end the attacks. That'll never get us to heaven," Quinn said.

Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes went to the True Believers Baptist Church on the South Side.

He, too, talked about faith and outlined some of the difficulties he thinks the state needs to solve.

Hynes also criticized his opponent's method of running the state.

"The problems just seem to get worse. Our schools continue to underperform, job losses mounting, people hurting, violence escalating, and our government seems insensitive to it," said Hynes.