Some still obese even at 'normal weight'

January 27, 2010 9:50:13 AM PST
Millions of people who are "normal weight" may still at risk of obesity-related diseases. A new Mayo Clinic study followed 6,000 Americans over nine years.

Researchers found that 20 to 30 percent of people considered "normal weight" still have an alarmingly high percentage of "body fat."

Monika Sumpter lost 50 pounds. Even though she reached a normal weight for her height, her ratio of fat to muscle was still high, putting her at high risk of diabetes and heart disease.

"Particularly, women with normal weight obesity were two times more likely to die than women with low fat and normal weight," said Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez.

Researchers estimate that as many as 30 million Americans may suffer from normal-weight obesity.

Monika changed her workout. Even though she weighs 20 pounds more than she did before, her body fat percentage is down to 14 percent.