Moo-ving story: Cow gets tire stuck on neck

From SkyEye13, we were able to shoot some video of the cow.

February 11, 2010 4:54:07 AM PST
It's a moo-ving story of a young cow with an unusual adornment, but we never 'tire' of telling it. A young cow had a close encounter with a tire in northwest Houston, and Skyeye 13 captured the whole saga.

The cow was spotted with an old tire looped around its neck in a pasture on Cutten Road near Willowbrook Park Drive Wednesday morning. The tire wasn't a tight fit, but the cow wasn't able to remove it on its own.

Shortly after noon, several people arrived at the pasture, tending to the cattle and tried to assist the cow with removing its 'necklace.' The effort took a bit of chasing, as the animal wasn't convinced it needed any help. But after cornering the cow, a man lifted the tire off easily and set the young animal free.

Watch the whole saga play out by clicking on the video above. And if you want others to see it, make sure to hit 'share' in the bottom right of the video to post it to Facebook or Digg, or to email the clip.