Ten Creative Wedding Tips

February 23, 2010 10:07:22 AM PST
Many couples get engaged at Valentine's Day; and when you add it, those who received rings at Christmas, you can see why February is a very busy month for those planning weddings.

Each bride wants to make her wedding something special. Chicago wedding consultant Rachel Bradley www.rachelbradleyevents.com has come up with ten creative ways for make a wedding beautiful and memorable.

1) Wine Tree. Instead of bringing a gift, invite guests to bring their favorite bottle of wine for the special couple's new life together. Include a special note about the wine and why it is important to them.

2) Family Recipes. Incorporate family recipes into the entire wedding from the appetizers to the entrees and desserts. Or get really creative and have family recipe cookbooks as favors for the end of the evening. Include your famous family recipes (Grandma's Brownies, Uncle Harry's Fried Turkey, and Aunt Judy's Apple Cobbler) and have a wonderful token to give to your guests. You can also add in family photos to add some more sentimental value.

3) Specialty Cocktail Bar with Recipes. Serve the bride and groom's favorite cocktails and give them specialty names. Print up copies of the ingredients and recipes, so that guests can take home and try for themselves.

4) Bridal Couple Trivia Game. Instead of awkward introductions at the wedding rehearsal, play a fun game for everyone to get to know one another. Prizes should be funny and represent items that the couple is getting rid of from their "single households," such as his black book or stash of Ramen Noodle soup or her subscription to Cosmopolitan.

5) Unforgettable After-Party. Instead of doing the same old "after party," why not move the party to the pool? If you are in a hotel that has a pool, reserve the pool at midnight. You will need to hire lifeguards. Also, you will have to let your guests know this is happening, so that they can bring their suits. Have the catering staff do fun tropical cocktails with umbrellas and beach-y food appetizers. Everyone will be thrilled to kick off their heels and ditch the formal attire. Make sure the bride has a specially made suit that says her new name on it or just married!

6) Glitter Tattoos. The Spring 2010 fashion shows were filled with temporary tattoos from Rodarte to Chanel. With Chanel launching 55 limited-edition designs we are sure this will be the next craze. Instead of a photo booth, let guests get artfully adorned with delicate custom designed body art.

7) Flip Flop Station. A common sight at weddings is women ditching their high heels and hitting the dance floor. This can be potentially dangerous and definitely not pretty, so create a flip flop station for men and women. Assorted by size and in the wedding colors, guests can receive a gift they can use again, as well as dance the night away.

8) Farmer's Market Fun. Instead of a typical favor, have fruits and veggies (heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn) from the local farmer's market and display them with monogrammed bags for edible take-home treats. Have a sign that reads "From our heart and home to your table."

9) Bridesmaid Brooch Bouquet. Create beautiful bouquets for your bridesmaids by using vintage jewelry and brooches. Create a work of art that is unique and unforgettable. Incorporate family jewelry and intermix with flowers.

10) 2010 Late Night Snack Trend: Some More S'Mores. Candy stations are so passé. The latest trend is s'mores stations. The best part is that they can also be used as centerpieces after the last course. The all-in-one kits from Cosi Restaurants allow you to enjoy the gooey pleasures of the campfire favorite, minus all the smoke, ash, and mosquitoes. Each kits contains a hibachi, wooden platter, bamboo marshmallow skewers, matches, and of course, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers (getcosi.com; $40 each).

About Rachel Bradley Events

Rachel Bradley has orchestrated events ranging from intimate soirees to over-the-top extravaganzas. Rachel's attention to detail and immense creative vision has propelled her to be one of Chicago's "must haves" in the wedding industry since 1999.

As a native of Chicago, Rachel uses her vast knowledge of the city, its venues, and vendors, to help create and orchestrate events that exceed her clients' expectations. With a background in theater, she sees each event as its own unique, exquisitely detailed production. Looking at the event from all angles, from food and beverage to décor to music to lighting and fashion, Rachel creates a cohesive vision. By getting to know her clients not only professionally, but also socially, Rachel flourishes each aspect of her clients' parties with accents that are exclusively theirs.

Known for her candor, her sense of humor, and calm demeanor, Rachel Bradley is the perfect event designer for a person looking to not only have fun while planning a wedding, but to also help produce memories that will last a lifetime. She creates an environment for her families that nurtures and feeds excitement, joy, and ingenuity.

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