Lake-effect snow expected in Chicago area

February 24, 2010 9:42:28 PM PST
A lake-effect snow advisory was in effect Wednesday night for much of the Chicago area and parts of northwest Indiana.

The area could see several inches of snow by Thursday morning.

The snow started piling up in north and northwest suburbs at the tail end of the evening commute Wednesday night.

Earlier in the day, Northwest Indiana got hit hard. It made for scenic pictures, but also made for some tricky driving.

"I can deal with it because I have been here for 60 years, so I'm used to the seasonal weather," said Curtis Vanzant.

Parts of northwest Indiana are expected to get up to several inches of snow by midday Thursday and many residents are over it.

"It's been affecting me a lot. I be driving from here to the city and it's real dangerous out here," said Tiffany Hogan.

"I'm tired of it. I really am. I got to go to work in a few. I'm going to be outside. It's not going to be fun," said Tim Ghoston.

Crews are on standby to salt and plow the highways. Similar supplies on a smaller scale are in stock at the hardware store in Gary where the manager says he's probably the only person happy for snow because it brings in business.

"I absolutely need the snow. This is the slowest time of year for a business like ours and without snow and ice, we don't sell anything," said Matt Jones, Ace Hardware manager.

The snow makes for tough driving conditions which means business also picks up at auto body shops.

"More jobs come in because more people are obviously wrecking, so it is kind of good for us...bad for the customer because they got to pay to fix their cars but it keeps our work going," said Nicholaus Stoddard, auto shop worker.

Drivers should keep in mind that there is a greater risk for accidents on the slippery roads and should allow travel extra time.