5 adults, 1 child injured in accident

April 7, 2010 9:31:07 PM PDT
An accident involving three cars Wednesday night left two Chicago police officers and four others, including a child, hurt.

The chase started in Hammond, Indiana. The accident happened in Chicago near 119th and Torrence.

Hammond police say they were called after a suspect was impersonating a utility worker to get inside of a home. Authorities say they chased that suspect but then called the chase off.

Later, a crash in Chicago left two male veteran Chicago police officers driving in an unmarked vehicle injured. The officers were driving northbound on Torrence. Police say the suspect's vehicle, an SUV, was also headed northbound at that time. The driver swerved into oncoming traffic and was about to hit a yellow car. That car swerved and hit the police car head on instead.

"Both officers looked conscious. They were being treated fairly well. They didn't say anything much. Paramedics were doing all the talking and assessing their health condition before they left," said witness Andrew Holmes.

The suspect in the SUV ran away from the scene and was not in custody. Police say that there was a woman and a child in that vehicle. Both were injured and were taken to Mount Sinai hospital. A man and woman in the yellow car were also transported to an area hospital. Their condition was unknown.