Products to pamper your pet

April 24, 2010 3:53:41 PM PDT
Lifestyle expert Amy Sewell shares her ideas for products that will pamper your pet. The Pet Loo: This "backyard in a box" provides a hygienic way for your dog to "go" indoors and it's easy to clean. You can find more informatino at

Cat Massage Center: Appeal to your cat's sense of touch by offering a variety of textures that provide a luxurious pampering experience! It includes a Gum Stimulator that massages and cleans teeth and gums as your cat chews on it; groomers that stimulate face and back glands; and a ripple massager that massages kitty's head, neck and face area. The Accu-Pressure Mat provides a pressure point paw massage. You can find more informatino at

Ba-Da-Beam Cat Toy: Cats love to chase their prey, and your cat will get moving with this automatic circling laser that can be directed toward the floor or a nearby wall. You can find more informatino at

Chewish Treats Sunday Brunch: Treat your dog to a Sunday "brunch" with this adorable trio of plush, squeaky toys: a blue Kosher bone, a tan bagel with cream cheese, and lox chew toys. You can find more informatino at

Steak Pet Treats: Pets go wild for these delicious treats cut from genuine round steak. You can find more informatino at

Pamper Your Pup Gift Set: The kids will love making gourmet dog biscuits with this all-natural mix, and cutting out the biscuits with fabulous bone-shaped cutters! You can find more informatino at