Cooking w/ Kids: Chicago Vocational Career Academy

May 11, 2010 The students at Chicago Vocational Career Academy know all about healthy eating. The school won the Cooking Up Change student lunch competition in 2007. Students are taught how to cook a lot of soul food dishes that they are familiar with, but they're shown how to put a healthy spin on them.

"If you introduce them to healthy foods, they will appreciate it," said Lorraine Harris, culinary arts instructor. "But when they first come to the class, they want to prepare only what they know. Once they're introduced to healthy food, they enjoy it."

Besides learning to eat healthy, the CVCA students learn lessons that extend beyond the kitchen, things they'll use in their future professional lives and their personal ones.

"We're not just training kids to be great culinarians or masters of hospitality," said David Fuller, culinary arts instructor. "We're actually making an impact in the community every day. As soon as a kid comes home with a new recipe and wants to go show the parents and family what they've created, we're doing it right here on the spot."

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