Casual looks for the family from johnnie-O

Then his golfing buddies wanted to wear them too. That's how his signature line of apparel was born.

Based in Los Angeles, the johnnie-O brand has attracted the attention of many high-profile golfers, starting with his brother, actor Chris O'Donnell, who wore johnnie-O polo shirts during episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles. Recently johnnie-O apparel, was used in an upcoming Farrelly Brothers movie with Owen Wilson, since all three are big fans of johnnie-O. Also, recently computer mogul Bill Gates was spotted wearing johnnie-O. And red-hot Major League pitcher Barry Zito of the San Francisco Giants is a great fan of the brand.

The casual brand has a "West Coast preppy style" and now has expanded from polo and golf shirts to include clothing for men, women and children. The line features shirts, belts, hats, socks, sweatshirts, and other specialty items including rain shorts, "wedge" collar polos, and johnnie-O GolfSkins ("arm warmers" to wear under shirts, when the weather is too cold for short sleeves, but too warm for a sweater.)

Now O'Donnell, who grew up with his six brothers and sisters in Winnetka, has brought some of his family along to show off the latest in the clothing line that is sold at Local retailers include E Street in Highland Park, Marion Michael In Winnetka, Ellen's On Elm in Winnetka, and a host of Chicago-area golf shops. He is featuring the men's 4-button polo, the wedge polo for men, women, and kids, as well as the wedge collar polo dress for girls. We are also showing the t-shirts, kids hoodie sweatshirts, men's all-weather shorts, and the men's crew neck sweatshirt. "All of this stuff is great for the summer time and make for great gifts for dad, " John says.

Looks featured on ABC 7

  • Bill O'Donnell: Jeans, johnnie-O 4-Button polo Lavender
  • Billy O'Donnell (age 11): Cargo khaki shorts, johnnie-O navy Jr. polo
  • Patrick O'Donnell (age 9): Khaki pants, johnnie-O bright green hooded sweatshirt
  • Jake O'Donnell (age 5): Jeans, johnnie-O Jr. polo shirt in Red
  • Bill Gates: johnnie-O All-Weather Shorts, johnnie-O Navy Sweatshirt
  • Julie Murphy (age 13): johnnie-O hot pink women's wedge polo and white jeans
  • Jon Callahan: Khaki pants, johnnie-O heather gray long sleeve tee
  • Bo Callahan (age 4): johnnie-O heather gray light weight hoodie, khaki pants
  • John Joyce: Khaki pants, johnnie-O navy wedge polo shirt
  • Anne-Marie (age 7): Hot pink johnnie-O wedge dress, white leggings
  • Jack (age 12): khaki shorts, johnnie-O navy wedge polo shirt
  • Charlie (age 10): Khaki shorts, johnnie-O white wedge polo shirt
  • Men's 4-button polo: $48; a great every day polo for the guys; it's soft and comfy, John says. .
  • Men's wedge polo: $52; a pique polo with a unique twist to the collar; it brings the "pop" collar back in vogue, he adds
  • Women's wedge polo: $52
  • Kids' wedge polo: $36
  • Kids' hoodie sweatshirt: $48; great colors make this a can't-miss hoodie for the kids on the cooler nights by the lake, John adds.
  • Kids' lightweight hoodie:$40; a lighter-weight cotton hoodie that combines a t-shirt feel with a hoodie look; John says it's a great piece to wear over your swimsuit at the pool.
  • Girls' wedge collar dress: $52; wedge collar combined with the classic tennis dress makes for a very unique piece that epitomizes "West Coast preppy".
  • Men's all-weather shorts: $90; functional shorts make playing golf in the rain or boating a much "drier" experience; they come in some great colors.
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