Chicago Skyscapes: Uncommon Ground restaurant

May 19, 2010 6:14:23 AM PDT
The owners of Uncommon Ground restaurant grow fresh produce just steps above their kitchen and use the garden to teach local children about where their food comes from.

1401 W. Devon Ave.
Chicago, IL 60660

* other restaurant is located in Wrigleyville on Clark St.

* operating the nation's first certified organic rooftop farm

* 2,500 square foot rooftop farm; holds about 4 tons of soil for planting beds

* The restaurant's rooftop bounty includes: Fresh tomatoes, heirloom vaireties, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, and herbs, honey from beehives -- and the bees also provide pollination!

- Nation's first certified organic rooftop farm

- Soil used for planting on the roof weighs 4 tons

- Produce grown on the rooftop is used by chef's in the restaurant below

- Solar panels generate electricity used to heat the water which is used in the restaurant, cutting down on use of natural gas