Tasty frozen custard served up in Midlothian

June 4, 2010 (MIDLOTHIAN, Ill.) On Wednesday, he talked about gelato, but Friday, it's all about frozen custard. Food reporter Steve Dolinsky says a Midlothian custard shop is trying to replicate the classic flavors from Milwaukee.

Who would have ever thought that a relic from Milwaukee could bring such sweet joy to Midlothian? At the year-old 2 Sisters Frozen Custard shop in a strip mall, the sisters in question have purchased their one-and-only custard machine from a legendary store in the Dairy State.

"Our machine is a Leon's frozen custard machine made in Milwaukee. It is a specialty machine; it is not mass-produced. Only a few of them are made per year. So, it is the secret to the flavor of our frozen custard," said Bev Thomas, co-owner of 2 Sisters Frozen Custard.

Thomas and her sister typically produce a vanilla and a chocolate flavor everyday. She says her product is far different from ice cream.

"It's a dense, creamy product, and that is because there is very little overrun in frozen custard, which means there is very little amount of air that is pumped through the product when it is freezing in the machine. So, it creates a dense, creamy product, and it retains all the flavor because the air isn't whipped into it," Thomas said.

The concretes are the real showstoppers. Think of the thickest shake you've ever seen, with any kind of mix-in, maybe a shot of caramel, or some grated coconut, plus that deep, dark chocolate custard all mixed-up in a blender until they're well-incorporated.

Simple sundaes are also an option. The Turtle is as classic as it gets: a shot of caramel, a smattering of pecans, whipped cream and a cherry. The banana split is perhaps the grandest statement of all: not only multiple scoops of thick custard, but the requisite bananas, chocolate syrup, strawberries, pineapple, whipped cream, and a healthy shower of finely-chopped nuts.

Thomas says that shows its versatility.

"Anything that an ice cream shop can do, we can do with frozen custard. Cones, cups, shakes, concretes, everything," said Thomas.

Now here's the puzzling thing about frozen custard. You look at it, and of course the concretes are really thick and rich. So, you think creamier, fattier, but that is not the case. Super premium ice cream comes in about 14 to 15 percent butter fat, frozen custard only at 11 percent.

Heck, I'll have two.

2 Sisters Frozen Custard
4734 W. 147th St., Midlothian

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