Burge jurors hear about man who died in prison

June 8, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Prosecutors say Andrew Wilson was tortured into a confession by officers who were under the command of former Chicago police lieutenant Jon Burge in 1982.

The state continues to build its case that Burge lied about torturing suspects. We've already heard from some alleged victims who say that he tortured them in the 1970s and 1980s, but since that time some of the alleged victims have died. Tuesday, the focus was on Andrew Wilson.

On the fifth day of his trial Burge arrived at the Dirksen Federal Building. Jurors heard more testimony from the late Andrew Wilson. Wilson died three years ago while serving a sentence for killing two police officers. But Wilson had testified several times about allegations that Burge tortured him in 1982.

Burge, a former Chicago police commander, is accused of lying about torturing suspects in the 1970s and 1980s

An FBI agent read from Wilson's transcripts referring to Burge: "He said you're gonna give me a statement because my reputation is at stake."

Wilson described abuse by Burge and other officers that he was beaten, suffocated, shocked and burned while being shock over a hot radiator "My teeth was grinding. He was still cranking."

Wilson testified he was told to signal confession and waive his constitutional rights.

"I would have signed anything to keep from being tortured again," the transcript said. "You would have signed anything?" "I would. You would too."

A nurse who saw Wilson at Mercy Hospital testified Tuesday. Nurse Patricia Reynolds told jurors she saw linear burn marks on Wilson's chest and leg and that one of the officers said Wilson fell.

Nurse Reynolds was asked if the injuries were consistent with a fall. She responded: "No. Not to me."

At one point Nurse Reynolds says one of the officers drew his gun and stated Wilson did not want treatment. She asked Wilson. She said he nodded.

Nurse Reynolds testified about Wilson's demeanor while in the hospital. "He was quiet. Timid. Afraid, he appeared to me."

Under cross-examination, Nurse Reynolds said that Wilson never said anything about being tortured and that in the doctor's notes he described the injuries as abrasions, not burns.

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