Philly reels from loss to Blackhawks

June 10, 2010 (PHILADELPHIA)

In the City of Brotherly Love's main newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the story of the hockey game was buried Thursday just up in the corner of the front page, where it said, "Go to the sports section for more."

Open up that sports section and you'll find the headline, "Sudden Death," and a picture of Flyers star player Chris Pronger with a look that says, "Well, maybe next year."

The Flyers unforgettable run ends as the 'hawks win the Cup. But there were some generous comments from Philadelphia sports columnists about the quality of the win by the Chicago Blackhawks Wednesday night, saying that the only person that handed anything to the Blackhawks there was the chairman of the National Hockey League when he handed the actual Cup to the players when they won last night.

The rest of it was hard fought because as the Philadelphia Flyers were running their own Cinderella story through the playoffs, coming from behind against Boston in a best-of-seven, only the third team in the NHL to ever do that, they were clearly fighting every game into the final, which really were all close except for Game 5.

"We didn't even see the goals go in. We just saw the 'hawks players celebrating. Everyone was confused. You could just tell that something was going on," said Blackhawks fan Tommy Plant in Philadelphia.

"Just tears in my eyes, hands up over my head, I just couldn't believe it, had my camera, couldn't take pictures," said Mike Sands, Blackhawks fan in Philly.

ESPN recently voted Philadelphia the No. 2 sports heartbreak city in America. They have added another chapter to their heartbreak with this Blackhawks win.

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