Drunken man breaks into zoo, bitten by croc

July 14, 2010 6:18:41 AM PDT
In Australia, a man who admits he was drunk broke into a crocodile den, and the creature took a bite off his leg.

Michael Newman says he was tossed out of Diver's Tavern and took off for the zoo. He climbed into an area where a croc named Fatso lives, and the animal wasn't thrilled with his visitor.

Newman says he was only trying to pet him when the croc decided to take a chunk out of his leg. Eventually, the crocodile let him go.

"It got my leg and went for my leg. I thought, 'I'm in trouble here. I'm not coming out of here,'" he said.

Newman was able to return to the pub after the attack for help. He admits that trying to pet a crocodile while under the influence isn't the best idea.