Purported dispatch tape released in fatal DUI crash

July 15, 2010

The lawyer says the tape was recorded several hours after the accident.

Michael Langford died in the crash May 10th in Steger.

Minutes earlier, Chicago Heights Police had arrested his mother, Kathie LaFond, for driving without a valid license.

They allowed her boyfriend, Cecil Conner, Jr., to drive the car.

She says they never checked if he was sober. Dispatch tape:

Officer: I guess the lady was in the Heights, arrested for being suspended, and then they let him drive so...
Dispatch: LaFond was the driver.
Officer: Ah, this is gonna get ugly. And then the LaFonds are like, "it's all over the news," and I'm like, "oh yeah."

LaFond is suing the Chicago Heights police department and Conner.

Conner is charged with DUI and reckless homicide.

Police say Conner showed no signs of being drunk when he was allowed to drive LaFond's car.

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